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Amélie Dupendant is from France, lives in Berlin since November 2019, and is an agronomist specialized in agroecology. She worked in farmers and gardeners organizations for 5 years and in farms and forest gardens for 6 months. She also did experiments to reduce the use of pesticides. She has lots of experience in project management, and data science, working with multiple stakeholders of the food system and finding a consensus with them.


She is a member of Engineers without Borders and works on the access to a chosen food for all citizens. She also participated in the COP25 to advocate for agroecology.

She has seen the limits of the globalized food system and the economical, ecological and social problems it causes to farmers and the entire society. So now she wants to promote local and organic agriculture by using a digital tool to resolve these problems and enable communication between farmers and consumers.

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Victor is from Brazil, living in Berlin since October 2018, and is an architect with an MBA in Building Sustainability. His goal is to promote better collaboration between humans and nature and to empower people and societies to be more active in shaping their living environment. 

Victor has a deep knowledge of project management, life-cycle management, management of sustainable innovations and integration of renewable energies. He approaches these topics from a holistic perspective combining environmental and social awareness with a drive for innovation and behaviour change.

Victor’s first professional experience with sustainable food systems was through working with Benoo to help set up the company’s sustainability and business plan, and to implement innovative approaches to traceability into their local and seasonal food supply, with the 'TraciTool'.

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